What we can do for you


Our Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW’s) and Cultural Support Workers (CSP’s) provide support to Former IRS Students who request such support at IAP proceedings, IRS Dispute Resolution processes, IRS court hearings, Truth and Reconciliation Commission and/or commemorative events using the most cost effective means possible. They also:

  1. Ensure former IRS Students receive health and traditional support services as requested.
  2. Provide referral services to the appropriate Health Care and/or Traditional Health Service provider if needed.
  3. Build relationships with other support providers nationally to develop a forum for discussion of best practices and sharing of approaches and experiences.
  4. Minimize potential impacts of vicarious trauma associated with the provision of emotional support to Former IRS Students and their family members;
  5. Provide regular training opportunities on subjects relevant to emotional support services, such as crisis intervention, post-traumatic stress, conflict resolution, vicarious trauma, and self-care, and the IRS Settlement Agreement processes; and
  6. Coordinate support services such as dialogue, ceremonies, prayers, and traditional healing to former IRS Students and their families when and where required, paying particular attention to those individuals in crisis.

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