Medicine Picking

For countless generations, Indigenous peoples across Canada have harnessed the healing power of plants and natural materials as medicinal remedies. Plant-based medicines have traditionally prevailed over those sourced from animals. Across the nation, Indigenous communities have identified numerous plant species with medicinal properties, forming the cornerstone of their healing traditions. 

These medicinal practices, encompassing the selection of plants, treatment of ailments, harvesting protocols, and preparation methods, exhibit remarkable consistency among Indigenous peoples. Many communities have specialized people trained in traditional medicine, whose approaches to healing often intertwine spiritual dimensions with physical well-being. While some Indigenous medicines’ therapeutic efficacy can be attributed to specific compounds and their physiological effects, others remain enigmatic to Western medical understanding. 

Within Indigenous cultures, the techniques for harvesting and preparing medicines are regarded as cherished knowledge, often safeguarded as the intellectual property of particular individuals or families. There is a sacred and great connection between Indigenous peoples and the natural world, where the wisdom of ancestral healing practices endures.