Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Bring to my Appointment?

Day school application: All identification

Estate: Death certificate, the will, administration forms

What is my Role in Healing?

You are your own main role. We will walk beside you on your journey, but we cannot do your healing for you.

Do you treat Mental Health Problems?

No, we are not medically trained psychologists or medical experts. We provide a holistic approach through Indigenous ceremony and healing practices. I.e Medicines, referral process.

What type of Therapies do you provide?

We offer Indigenous ceremonies and traditional counseling.

How often do you have sweats and ceremonies?

At least twice a month

What type of Programs do you offer?

1. Cultural Awareness
2. Naming Ceremonies
3. Talking Circles
4. Pipe Ceremonies
5. Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
6. Understanding our History Sessions
7. Grieving & Loss Sessions
8. Ribbon Shirt/Skirt Making
9. Hand Drum Making
10. Indian Residential School (IRS) Survivors Support
11. Indian Day School (IDS) Survivors Support
12. Sixties Scoop Survivors Support
13. MMIWG2S Support

What do I need to bring to a ceremony?

Tobacco (tobacco tie, pouch or pack of cigarettes), cloth and offering. An offering is a gift (whatever is in your means). Cloth should be a meter long. Always remember, understanding comes with participation. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

How can I show Support?
  • Volunteers for special events (apply to admin assistant?. Have a list of people with skillset and updated contact list)
  • Volunteer time to host classes (beading, regalia making ect.)
  • Donate medicines (tobacco, medicine, sacred objects)
  • Sponsoring an event (bronze, silver and gold tiers) or sponsor the purchase of specific resources (raffle prizes, tickets, needed event items)