Ribbon Shirt/Skirt

The ribbon skirt stands as a timeless symbol of feminine strength and identity, serving as a poignant link to the earth and the guiding light of Grandmother Moon. In recent years, it has blossomed into a vibrant expression of womanhood, echoing the diverse narratives and traditions of Indigenous cultures. Across different communities, the ribbon skirt carries unique stories and protocols, weaving a rich tapestry of heritage and empowerment. 

Ribbon shirts epitomize the resilience and adaptability inherent in Indigenous attire. Central to their allure are the elaborate ribbon appliqué motifs meticulously stitched onto the fabric. These shirts hold particular prominence as regal pieces for male dancers and as attire for men during celebratory occasions. Crafted from materials akin to those used in Ribbon skirts, these shirts often feature ribbons intricately sewn into the shirt’s yoke, seams, and occasionally fashioned into tassels.