Mission and Vision


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Our Mandate

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, Wa-Say Healing Centre Inc. will provide support to Indian Residential School (IRS) Survivors during the Individual Assessment Process (IAP)  hearings, with increased emphasis on after-care programs for survivors and their families.


The Wa-Say Healing Centre Inc. mission is: “Understanding the History; Accepting the Present; Planning for the Future”.

Through our guidance and support services, an individual can implement their journey to healing and wellness.

Understanding the History: Wa-Say is open to all who are interested in understanding the history of the various attempts to assimilate and annihilate Indigenous people. 

Accepting the Present: Today, many Survivors and their families are beginning to accept and understand the effects of their experiences, the impacts in their lives, families and communities.

Planning for the Future: Wa-Say aims to help individuals, knowing and understanding our healing is shared. This brings healing to our families, and helps to restore healthy communities by reclaiming our ancestral ways through ceremony and relationships with each other. Healing is continuous. 

Eye on the Future


Wa-Say Healing Centre Inc heals survivors with cultural awareness and traditional ceremony of healing methods, in a safe and confidential environment. 

With dignity and respect, Wa-Say shall continue to support and help Indian Residential School Survivors and their families. To promote a brighter and holistic lifestyle, with healing from spiritual, emotional, mental and physical trauma.